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Forever Yours

by Jacob McMillen

I laugh softly when I think about your love for me
I smile knowingly when your name appears among my thoughts
My dreams are incomplete without your face
My days are lacking without the sound of your sweet voice
I know you my darling, but how shallow my knowledge seems
If you are a lake, I have but dipped my toes into the shallows
If you are an ocean, I but stand, ankle deep in your restless surf
How could I have known you’d find me?
How could I have known your soul would wrap me up so snugly in its embrace?
You have captivated my heart, beloved
Your rhythm bends the beat of my life into its hectic pace
I once had a dream, vibrant as the sunrise, consuming the horizon of my future
But like the sun itself, consuming the morning with its glory, you have filled my horizon with your grace
You are my dream, beloved
You are the star my heart stares at through the night – wishing, longing to touch your beauty
When I think of you, I cannot help but smile
When my thoughts stray upon your endless charm, I am entirely undone
Like a painting, the strokes and lines of your being speak volumes to my soul
Like the perfect book, I simply cannot put you down
Page after page, I wish to lose myself completely in your story
I would be satisfied to simply be a footnote in your history
If I am remembered as yours, my heart will rest content
My darling, how I love you
My heart longs for your warmth
My ears strain for you voice
My skin aches for your touch
My soul yearns for your fire
My eyes search frantically to find your gaze
Where are you beloved?
Come quickly to me, sunshine of my life
Make haste to find me, joy of my heart
Speed the day I see your face, dearest love of my soul
I am forever yours

Behold Your Horizon

by Jacob McMillen

Stand with me, behold the horizon
Witness the sun, rising gloriously within the limits of our vision
Is this what you want, my darling?
The road is clear, our path shrouded yet defined
Is this what you want, beloved?
Any path chosen will find you sitting lovingly before that glorious Sun
Is this what you want, sweet starlet?
Will criss-crossed footprints satisfy you completely in the end?

I look into your perfect eyes and ponder
Why do you stand so steadfastly beside me?
What have I offered you to silence every doubt,
If indeed they have been silenced
I know the caliber with which I stand, but is it enough?
Or have I been far too successful in sweeping you off your feet?
I know you love me, but why?
Am I your desire, or have I romanced you far too perfectly?

I love you so completely my darling
Every word you speak whispers gently to my spirit
I find myself lost in the waves of your passionate gaze
I’ve never doubted, since your strings first fastened around my restless heart
Never faltered in my determination to make you mine
Part of me thinks if I win you, it’s enough
While another part wonders if the process is more important than the outcome
After all, your heart has been won before
Am I doing this right?

Describe It To Me

She asked me to describe it.

I wasn’t sure why, but as I had no reason to object, I complied.

“It’s source is the the highest mountain you’ve ever seen. The water is crystal clear, born from the purest snows melting down peaks long frozen. The water has sat patiently, still as ice for countless years, waiting upon the spring to thaw it, finally, melting it quickly into a refreshing flow, speeding gracefully down the mountain.”

“As the river steams down from highest heights, it thickens, growing steadily, gradually widening its banks as the fierce pace slows to a gentle, steady flow. Rocks and and branches, hills and mounds can only hope to slacken its pace, ever so slightly, before the weight of the current devours all that hinders its path.”

“The river straightens, refusing to turn or alter its course as the full power of its might has matured into an unstoppable force. The pace is slowest here, but don’t mistake its subtle approach; it is now mightier than any living force can hope to oppose. It is peaceful, calm, quite, and steady. It does not stop, it does not bend, it cannot be broken.”

She looked at me quizzically, pondering my words. “Where can I find this river?” she inquired.

“You’ve already found it my darling.” I replied. “For I have not described a river. I have merely described my love for you.”

Nothing But You

by Jacob McMillen
(art by Gregor)

If I cannot reach You, what is left?
If I cannot know You, why continue?
If I cannot see Your face and behold Your glory
How could I even face the morning?
There is nothing else but You

You are not just the final rung to climb
You are not but Creation’s furthest height
You are not only the greatest prize defined
You are everything, and
There is nothing else but You

What else could I desire?
What could chance compete with You?
What else even holds a candle
To the never ending fire that consumes me like You do
There is nothing else but You

If I had the power that you posses
If my words ordained a universe
My sole desire would be to hand it back
To be satisfied within Your hand
There is nothing else but You

My mind, my heart, my soul, my flesh
Captivated and consumed
By perfect love and perfect truth
Found only in a perfect King
There is nothing else but You

What words are there to speak His name
A partial glimpse of timeless ways
Shadows hint at unseen glory
Flames that grow out of the rain
There is nothing else but You

Look into the Father’s eyes
Behold the beauty your heart desires
There is nothing else that satisfies
There is nothing else that burns with life
There is nothing else but You


by Jacob McMillen
(painting by Drew Lemons)

The stars display such untouched glory
The moon imparts a stolen gaze
The sun dictates a perfect story
The sky contains His cosmic ways

As willow trees bow gently breathing
Dew drops roll down emerald leaves
And poppy fields sway softly sweetly
A tribute to the restless seas

Horses race with graceful power
Eagles soar above the rest
Lions stalking, count the hours
As dolphins dance through icy depths

Infinite answers to creative queries
Every day a new surprise
But nature fails to capture clearly
The beauty found within your eyes

Raise a mountain, extend the sea
Hold time still or hide the truth
Nothing will keep your heart from me
Nothing can tame my love for you

Life Unfurled

by Jacob McMillen
(painting by Drew Lemons)

Oh the joy my heart desires
I live within it every day
Oh for a soul that’s lit on fire
My being burns in every way

You ask me questions and listen closely
You look at me and all is well
I love to hear you tell your stories
I love it when your thoughts set sail

Oh what I’d give to feel His Presence
I bask within it constantly
Oh where to find a peace unending
My essence boasts tranquility

You hear my heart and answer sweetly
You smile at me and I’m undone
I love to watch you blossom gently
As beauty grows before the Sun

Oh how I long for love eternal
I feel it cover me like rain
Oh dream again of life unfurled
Absorb the tides, the sun, the spray

You contemplate our life, our future
You dream a partnership to come
My queen, imagine this world uncertain
Witnessing a perfect love